About Me

This is the story of my love relationship with Jesus. While His love story for us has existed from the beginning of time, my love story with Jesus first began when I gave my heart to Him as a little girl in 1977. Then in 1999, my life was irrevocably changed. I was introduced to the Holy Spirit and learned what it meant to hear His voice. The first time I heard Him speak to me with His words of love, I was completely undone. It was the catalyst that changed my relationship with Him and began a Journey of Intimacy with Him like none I had ever experienced. Now, I know of no other way to walk out my life.

This is not a journey of perfection, performance, or religion. It is one born from relationship; carved from the deepest places of my own vulnerability, transparency, and authentic process with God. In sharing my story, my greatest desire is to give hope for those who are questioning how to hear His voice, to inspire others to go deeper into intimacy with Jesus, and most of all, to pave the way for those who don’t yet know Jesus to give their heart to Him and begin their own love relationship with Him.

And for all of us, may the cry of our hearts be to know Him more fully, to experience and know His incredible goodness, and to walk out a life of no compromise in His Kingdom.

Personal Bio:
In my professional world, I am a writer, consultant, and communications leader for my organization. In my personal world, I have the honor of serving as a leader in several areas of church ministry including worship, prayer, and the prophetic. Part of my calling and passion is leading others in worship. I love partnering with the Holy Spirit to create an atmosphere for His Presence; one that paves the way for each person to have a personal encounter with Him. In recent years, God has opened doors for me to teach classes and workshops on worship, listening prayer, and intercession.

Other prior and current areas of ministry include mentoring, missions (international/domestic), and healing.


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