Journey of Motherhood


I’ve wanted to be a mom for as long as I can remember. My dream began in the same way I expect it does for most young women, with an expectation of the idyllic life. Graduate high school.  Go to college. Get a job. Meet “the man of your dreams” and get married. Followed shortly by the house, the children, a dog, and of course, the white picket fence. Not necessarily, but most likely, in that order.
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Journey of The Cross

Blog 6_Journey of The Cross

In my personal journey with the Lord, there are two things I love to embrace – continually growing in my intimacy with Him, and learning how to become more like Jesus each day. One cannot happen apart from the other, and both require living a life of intentionality.  This journey I am on, and one I have gladly chosen, is a dangerous pursuit.  It means abhorring and rejecting a life of apathy, of comfort and ease, and instead opening my arms to the fullness of Christ; not only the incredible joys, but also the suffering. Continue reading