Journey of Healing – Part II

Blog 6_Journey of Healing Part II

“…Your symptoms indicate you may have multiple sclerosis…”  I sat frozen in my ophthalmologist’s office; her words hanging in the air like a dark, foreboding cloud.

“I’m sending you over to the hospital…you need to get an MRI…I’m going to prescribe medication…”  And with those words, my world suddenly came to a complete halt.  I could hardly comprehend the reality, let alone the speed at which things were happening.  Fear started to grip me as the questions flooded my mind. What exactly was MS? What did this mean? How did this happen, and how could this be happening to me? I called my sister, who immediately left home to meet me at the hospital while I went to get the MRI.  The news wasn’t good. I was told there were abnormalities.  That was June 4, 2005. Continue reading


The Journey Begins – Part I

Blog 1_Journey Begins Part I

“Is it possible to hear God’s voice?”

“How do I know if it’s really God speaking?”

“Maybe hearing His voice is only for the ‘super spiritual’.”

If you’ve ever asked these types of questions or had similar thoughts, you are not alone. Whether we know it or not, each of us longs for intimacy; to be loved, accepted and known. At the deepest level of our hearts, we want to believe there is Someone out there who understands and sees us. Our faith in a God who speaks to us personally can often be pre-empted by the fear that we don’t have enough (fill-in-the-blank) to be included in this self-perceived elite category.
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